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We all know “that kid”.

You know, that kid at the store having a meltdown because he doesn’t get his way.

That kid that can’t seem to keep his hands to himself.

That kid who enters a quiet room and the proceeds to make the most noise possible.

That kid… that kid… that kid…

My son is “that kid”.  He’s high energy, always on the go, loud, grabby, and loads of fun. I love it!


In public, it is a lot of work to keep up with him. He is SUPER STRONG and he doesn’t realize his own strength. So a simple, “ooh, let me see!” typically results in something being knocked over. He is busy and curious, just like a three-year-old should be. The thing is, when he gets excited, it is very difficult for him to calm down.

I’m usually the mom saying “come here!” “sit down” “walking feet!” and trying not to make a scene.  You see, he doesn’t do this intentionally– I know when he’s trying to rile me up– he just LITERALLY (yes literally, not figuratively)  cannot sit still once he gets going. It doesn’t take much to get him going, but it takes a lot to bring him back down.

That’s our background. Now you know where I am coming from.

On Monday, we were at Speech Therapy. It’s a cute little office with an area for the kids to play. Our appointment is at the prime 5:30p and there are plenty of other kids there. At this particular visit, we arrived about 10 minutes early- typical. Well, my little man SLOWLY walked to the kids area where about 6 other kids were playing– all ages (some are patients, some siblings) while I signed him in. When I sat down, he was calmly riding the stationary Big Wheel. This is a big deal because he usually goes crazy on this thing. He played quietly and calmly for the 10 minutes until his appointment started.

Meanwhile, there was another mom there with three boys and they were giving her a fit. They were doing what my son normally does. I really feld for her because I know how frustrating (and embarrassing) it is. There was another little girl there that was also giving her mom the blues.

As I took in the environment, I thought to myself “I must be in a Twilight Zone because this doesn’t happen.” Although I felt for the other parents, I was thrilled. MY SON DID NOT GET RILED UP! He played calmly and quietly. All of our hard work paid off! Even if it was just for this one visit, he has shown me that he is capable of remaining calm and playing quietly during the appropriate times. THIS IS A HUGE STEP for us! I was so proud of him and of course I reinforced the positive behavior.

So my son may be “that kid”, but slowly he is being “that kid” less and less.

I’m a happy mommy!

Until next time!


P.S.- Here are a few shots of my busy lil’ man!

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