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As you can probably tell by the frequent posts, this has been an exciting week!

I just wanted to share a quick story from Saturday. I think it’s hilarious, but I’m the mom.

On Saturday, we were all getting ready to go out. I helped lil’ dude finish dressing after his bath and then went to get dressed myself. While I was getting my clothes together, lil’ dude went into the bathroom where my husband was getting dressed (he’d just gotten out of the shower).  Here is the conversation that took place.

lil dude: Daddy. What are you doing with your penis!

Mel: I’m putting on my underwear.

lil dude: Oh. — You have a BIG penis…. [Mel: Why thank you] … and I have a SMALL penis!

And that folks, is when I lost it! I was laughing so hard!