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To say that I am a control freak might be a *slight* understatement.  I like structure. I like schedules. I like things done a certain way, my way. Don’t get me wrong, I can have some spontaneity, but even then, I like to have some type a plan— what are we going to do? How long are we going to stay?

This flows right into my parenting style.  During the week, we are scheduled, structured.  I lighten up on the weekends so we can have some down time. I typically don’t call in someone to “babysit” unless it is unavoidable.  My husband and I try to make our extra-curricular schedule so that at least one of us are home.  We do have date nights in which my sister or mother will watch lil’ dude for a few hours. I can count on one hand home many times my mom has kept him overnight- three (first anniversary after birth,  the death of a close friend’s parent- and husband was out of town, and the night before my surgery).

Okay, so now you know a little about my overprotectiveness and my control issues. Last weekend (Labor Day weekend), my schedule was jammed packed. I had a ton of grading to do and I have several papers to work on myself. I was in dire need of my husband to hang out with lil’ dude for a day or two. Typically, this is not an issue. They will go and do their thing and I’ll have the house to myself without distraction.  However, last week my husband had already planned to visit his family that lives 200 miles (three-hours) away. What is an overprotective, control freak of a mom to do?!?!?

I couldn’t come up with a good reason not for lil’ dude to go. All of my objections stemmed from my personal issues, I know that. My husband’s sleep issues (not quite narcoleptic, but can easily fall asleep anywhere, including the driver’s seat) are under control from the medicine the doctor prescribed him— that was my BIGGEST concern.  But, having observed him for the last six months while on the medication, even that objection was no longer relevant.  So, after MUCH discussion on Friday night and A LOT of begging from a certain 3-year-old, “please mommy, I want to go with daddy and see cousin,”  I acquiesced.  I did place one stipulation, it was only to be a day-trip like we normally take when all three of us go.

So, that Saturday morning, I filled a bag with goodies and extra clothes, loaded up my two guys in the car and watched them drive off. They were gone.

I spent the day working. I completed nearly all of my grading and assignments. I cleaned the house. I had the television to myself, AND I wasn’t interrupted every 7 minutes.

And you know what else? Lil’ dude survived! He had a blast with his cousin. They went a carnival– he got to ride a pony- and he played, played, played.



I did not bother them for the entire day until 8:30p. I called to check if they were on the road yet– because I would not be able to sleep until they were back in the house. They arrived home around midnight, and lil’ dude was sleeping soundly.

So, on Mommy’s big day, I relinquished some control and everything turned out fine. I’m not saying, however, that I am ready for that to happen again any time in the near future!