As many of you know, we have a fantastic relationship with our son’s birthmother *  Well, a few days before Christmas, we had an early celebration with her. Our time together was so special that I had to write this post (although I have two drafts waiting in the que).

About two weeks before Christmas, Sheila called to ask if we wanted to have a small celebration before the actual holiday. Even though we had just had a visit in early November, I said “of course!”  She wanted to do it at her place since her oldest son was home from college.


The Event

My husband, son, and I arrived at Sheila’s home just after 7pm. Her youngest, *Trent* greeted us as he was super excited for our visit. We did all the hugs and kisses as usual and were then introduced to the significant other (This is a big step. She had discussed him with me during our previous visit, even asked for some advice.  This is the first person she has allowed us to meet that she is dating.) We ate dinner and then it was PRESENT TIME!!

Oh my goodness is all I can say. My little guy was so excited! We knew she was going to get him a present, she always does. But this year it was one after another.  Favorite, by far was this guitar/mic combo. It is pretty cool. Noisy, but cool.


Then, since he was already opening gifts, Sheila gave him his birthday gift (New Year’s baby, remember?). Again, a super excited kid. Then there was me, so touched by this interaction between my son and his family, I was doing my best to hold back tears. I do not know if  I can adequately describe the joyous and sentimental feelings I was experiencing. Just knowing that he was having this experience AND it was being captured on video, I was thrilled that he will be able to look back on this when he is older.

Sheila did not stop there. She had gifts for me and my husband. First, too sweet. I totally was not expecting it. But it was the special gift she gave me that sent me over the edge– my hubby thinks I overreacted and is still teasing me about it.



Family Tree Locket

I know, it is a simple gift. But it is the meaning behind it. I was, am, so touched by the sentiment. Although we have a great relationship, I sometimes wonder if Sheila has second thoughts about her decision. It is moments like these that remind me that she is not regretful that she selected us, that she made an adoption plan. That is why I was more emotional than the moment called for.

Anyways, we continued to exchange gifts for a bit longer.  Then Sheila hit us with the whopper… A surprise birthday celebration for our little guy!  I thought I was over the edge before? Oh lawdy! I freaking lost it!


This is the first time we have celebrated our little guy’s birthday with Sheila, other than the days following his birth. We have always had phone conversations on his birthday, but this is the first time we had a cake and sung “Happy Birthday”.  It was amazing.

We ended the evening with some fun. We had a photo shoot (Sig. Other is a photographer).  We took a few pictures as a large group and then a few with little guy and his two brothers, and little guy, Sheila, and Trent, as well as a few other configurations. The boys played and the adults chatted.

It was a great night!


That’s all for now! Stay tuned, there are a few more posts coming soon!

Until Next Time!